About SAYLA Therapeutic Resources. . .

The Southeast Alabama Youth Leadership Academy (SAYLA) Therapeutic Resources (STR) are residential facilities for boys and girls that have been licensed by the Alabama Department of Youth Services. SAYLA was first established in 2001 by several people who realized there was a need for a non-sectarian facility in Henry County, Alabama, to provide discipline and leadership for non-violent and troubled youth in southeast Alabama. Thus, the boys facilty was opened in Abbeville, Alabama. It was incorporated as a non-profit organization in Alabama in 2002. STR, along with County Commissioners and the Juvenile Court System, recognized the rapidly increasing demand for residential juvenile facilities for girls. In 2009, the STR Girls Facility was opened in Newville, Alabama. SAYLA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of volunteer community leaders and is chartered by the State of Alabama as a non-profit organization. Contact our juvenile residential facility at (334) 585-0250 to inquire about our juvenile residential programs for Boys and Girls.

Our Commitment to You
SAYLA Therapeutic Resources is a juvenile residential facility that is dedicated to transforming troubled teens into reformed and productive members of society. We work primarily with boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18. We accept CHINS, delinquents, and students from the private sector. We also accept MEDICAID, as well as other forms of insurance.

At SAYLA Therapeutic Resources, our team is dedicated to providing your children with supportive, hands-on rehabilitative services. We provide each resident with the personal care he or she deserves and will always adjust our counseling services to accommodate the specific situation. We work very closely with the families, the juvenile probation officers, schools, and other parties directly involved in the juvenile's care.

Young Woman, Juvenile Delinquent Facility in Abbeville, AL

Individualized Program
Each student that enters our program will have their own Treatment Team. The Treatment Team will comprise of the family, STR counselors, STR teachers, Director, and JPO. Others who may be added the student's treatment team include GAL, Judges, school representative from student's home school, and DHR. The Treatment Team will discuss the progress of the student and make recommendations to the student's program and time in the program when necessary.

Experienced Counseling Team
Every member of our counseling team is backed by years of hands-on counseling experience to ensure superior rehabilitation assistance every time. The counseling services focus on the need for each juvenile to be motivated to work toward changing their behaviors to lead a more positive, productive lifestyle. Counseling Services and Treatment include:

• Individual Counseling
• Group Counseling
• Family Counseling
• Crisis Intervention

• Basic Living Skills
• Academic Assessment
• Mental Health Assessment

• Family System Assessment
• Substance Abuse
• Treatment Planning